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you just choose the classic skin, don't install the things you don't want and get a heavily patched 2.x client with 5.x versioning. the biggest things that uses up memory is a) skin images (hence using a classic skin - even that uses 1-2MB of memory) and b) using the media library (the more files you add and the more metadata in those files, the more memory which will be used by it).

yes you could edit the preferences dialog resource of the version you're using but it'd be better to use the plug-in on a version of Winamp it was designed for, but is your call.

the source code for ml_ipod is available, so you wouldn't have to decompile anything, you'd just have to edit and compile what you wanted (if that was an option for you - but that seems to not be the case, but i had to mention it to cover all options).
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