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hi again!

Hey just wanted to send out a thank you for your Face Down Ass Up plugin for Milk fricken awesome....Im looking for a few other presets to add and wonder if you could help me. Id like to add a series of different angle shots of colored lasers in a cone formation, and maybe adding to the existing Face Down Ass up plugin as well... a few things tho, i found that the blue image of the girl shows more often than say the red or green image, any way to adjust this or tweak it? but I have seen the blue image turn to a white then a gold tone theres that Also, Id like to clean up and remove a few plugins that I dont really care for but I dont know which ones they are...guess go thru the folder and do a search...also looking for some weed images to add, tho the last one i found had issues....well think thats all for now...again thanks for the plugin! Great work!

p.s. also can you add some colored images of strippers on poles? LOL different poses and positions

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