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Re: Winamp playlist title

Originally posted by the SASS Man
-- %filepath% - to add drive and path name to playlist entry
-- $if3(x,y) or $ifid3(x,y) - to display x if an id3 or id3v2 tag exists, and diplay y if not.

These should be easy enough to implement....

(click help button under pref > titles > advanced title formatting)

%filename% displays Drive:\path\to\file.mp3
$filepart(%filename%) displays file

%filepath% would display Drive:\path\to\ (yeah doesnt exist)

$if2(%artist%,No Artist) or
$if(%artist%,Yes there is an Artist,No Artist)

as for your not sure if that would happen or not. Check out foobar2000 (another player) ...i assume it does taht sorta stuff.
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