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guess Im stuck using legacy auth.

First of all, insider resources,JKey's Library for making the auth blob refuses to link with any of my compiler tools. Or Im just an idiot.

Following the wiki exactly , including the c++ code can make a cipher that does indeed encrypt and decrypt however, I only ever get a NAK:2.1eny from the server.

Studying further every available doc, including privileged information I have, does not specify anything more.

Either I am doing something stoopidly wrong with c++ or the idea that uvox2.1 is open for making my own publishing tools is a laugh.

Using the code from _the_wiki_ I get this result.
user: andy pw: changeme


Unless I missed a page that said, "format your auth blob by appending X,Y,and Z" I assume I am XTEA coding as 'userassword'.

So yea, unless someone comes clean, or JKey comes back around with some pointers, Im in the same boat as every other independent.

Did I seriously just miss a page on the wiki, or has the format of the auth blob been rendered 'top secret'? I am NOT talking about the stream-HASH, Im talking about the supposedly documented ultravox authentication request message.


Message Class – 0x1
Message Type – 0x001
Payload – <Version>:<SID>:<UID>:<AuthBlob><NUL>
<Version> - protocol version number (required, numeric, non-zero, maximum 255). The current version is 2.1.
<SID> - stream identifier (required, numeric, non-zero, maximum 2147483647).
<UID> - user identifier (required, XTEA encoded).
<AuthBlob> - authentication information (required, XTEA encoded).
<NUL> - ASCII 0x00

did I mention boo hoo?
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