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the documentation for IPC_WRITEPLAYLIST isn't quite right now so..

IPC_WRITEPLAYLIST works by saving winamp.m3u8/m3u into the ini directory which is usually %appdata%\Winamp or %winampdir% (which is the program folder) or a custom winamp m3u directory (all of this is controlled by paths.ini in the winamp folder). this will most likely explain why you're not seeing anything being created as you're looking in the wrong location (something to be fixed in the documentation at some point).

if done with an in-process plug-in then it's simple to get the correct path for winamp.m3u8/m3u. however as you're doing it externally from what i can gather, you can either use a ReadProcessMemory(..) based method to access the in-process functions from an external dll or just parse the paths.ini entries as required to get the correct path.

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