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Originally Posted by akadavar View Post
Yes, but every time I try to run the programme, UAC screen appears and asks me for administrator privileges. That's little bit annoying.
Windows 7 instituted a lot of restrictions on programs to increase the security and stability of the OS. Default restrictions on what folders programs are allowed to write to, restrictions on how entries are made to the registry, and others. There are various ways to get around these restrictions, but that will only lead to more problems in the long run.

Why not use the current version of Winamp 5.63? It was updated to be compatible with Windows 7. Would you try to put an engine from a Ford Mustang made in 1999 into a Ford Mustang made in 2009? Would you expect that engine to run without some annoyances? Software is not much different. If you want to run old software, then run it on the OS version that was current when the software was released.

With the rapid pace of computer hardware and software evolution, you really can not expect backward compatibility to last more than a few years (5 at the most, 3 is more realistic) without having to make allowances for the changes.

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