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Shift+Enter not working on Jump To File 0.96a.

I made a whole thread for this on the Winamp Technical support forum just a few minutes ago and then I did a search and found this thread. I now think that it is a bug.

Pressing enter alone jumps to the file like it should, but shift+enter closes the Jump To File dialog and then it doesn't put the song in the enqueue list, this is with shuffle on or off.

I'm on a media library view and I've also tried it with a regular playlist and it still doesn't work.

This was NOT happening with 5.03c's version of Jump to File, 0.94.

Jump to File in my opinion is one of the coolest plug-ins as it lets you quickly move to a favorite song right away or after the current song.

I'm thinking of uninstalling 0.96 and replacing it with 0.94...

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