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media library bug

my system : (though i don't really think it's relevant)

pIV HT 3 GHz
1 gig DDR 400 MHz Dual Channel
ati radeon 9800 pro 128 MB RAM
C-Media AC97 onboard sound
WinXP all updates/patches installed
Winamp 5.04 , clean

bug :

the option to enqueue a file in the playlist upon a double-click in the media library is activated in the preferences menu
then, when i delete a file from the media library, my entire media library is suddenly enqueued in the playlist

i'm terribly sorry if this has been posted before, but i did check the entire forum and didn't see it...

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Sorry, but we can't reproduce this.
Please include the exact steps and configuration required to reproduce it.

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