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Media Library doesn't like some characters

It is probably well known that Media Library refuses to import files with names that contain characters with diacritic marks. If this is not known, then let me just tell you I have this problem on a Win2k system (English, but with the default locale set to Russian). Cyrillic names are imported fine, but names with diacritic are not. Perhaps, Western European (and American) users do not experience this problem, though they may be unable to import songs with Cyrillic names.

But the bigger and stranger problem is that Media Library refuses to import a song with a particular name:
"Seinaru Doukei - 10 - Free Bird, Mahiru no Tsuki e To (Toward the Midday Moon).mp3"

All characters are low-bit ASCII (I retyped it manually to be sure). If I change the "d"s in Midday to "f"s (or some other letters) the file is imported fine (Seinaru Doukei - 10 - Free Bird, Mahiru no Tsuki e To (Toward the Miffay Moon).mp3), but when I change it back to "d", it doesn't. Odd, isn't it? The file itself doesn't have any problems and it doesn't have ID3 tags.

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