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This thread is pretty old. From what I've seen it's no longer valid since the plugin links don't work.

I will try to reenable it cause I want to do exactly that. Have the winamp autoplay whenever started. However I do not wish for it to autostart on a specific pls file or audio file. I want it to autostart whichever playlist was active the last time winamp shut down.
That is by default the setting of winamp. If you shut it down and reopen it, it waits for you to press play on the song that was playing the last time it closed. So what I need is for winamp to press the play buttong automaticaly.

Ideally the play would move the "current file" to a random file in the playlist without activating the shuffle function.

The reason for that is because I use winamp 5.666 and the dsp plugin of shoutcast to broadcast a big playlist that includes also song ids before each song. So I cannot use shuffle as that would cause the ids to not sunc with the songs. let alone the fact that I might end up hearing 3 - 4 ids in a row then 2-3 songs and then ids and so on...
I need the autostart function cause the dsp plugin causes winamp to hang from time to time and I have the auto restart option enabled in the preferences of error feedback of the program. However although when the crash occurs winamp starts normally, it wont' start playing until I press play.

Any idees?
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