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bush league

i will grudginly allow that GoldenHawks program a limited degree. I was more put off by their totally condescending attitude in dealiang with the niche Karaoke market.

They did not design CDRWIN to serve Karaoke enthusiasts. It is an afterthought to their core business and they are demonstrably unconcerned about supporting our needs. They have proven this to me repeatedly in word and deed.

To me, biting a hand that feeds you is not in your long-term best interest. while it remains true that they are unchallenged in the marketplace, that will NOT remain the case.

"Bush League" is a term that refers to amatuerish, second -tier effort and that is what GoldenHawk has displayed over and over again.

Whatever entity develops a similar product and then acts in a professional manner to market it, with the customers needs in focus, will capture most, if not all, of the Karaoke business.

joe cairo
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