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Update in_opus v0.444

Here is a new update of my in_opus plugin which is now version 0.444.
Using it I encountered a few isues and I fixed them so now I share them as promised.

* FIXED: A few bugs in reading tags.

* NEW: ReplayGain supported, it uses the standart R128 tag, in 256th of dB
there is no configuration box, if you want to enable replay gain, you have
to write it directly in the Winamp.ini file in winamp's directory.
If no parameters are written, no replay gain of any kind will be applied.
The plugin will not write anything into winamp.ini, you have to write those
options yourself and restart Winamp or go to the config dialor box of
in_opus, this will read the configuration, you will need to stop and start
playback again though.

Open "winamp.ini" with notepad and paste at the end the folowing 4 lines:


to use Album gain, set USE_REPLAY_GAIN=1 and set it to 2 for track gain, or 0 to disable replay gain.

the PRE_GAIN value is a preamplification factor in dB that is applied before the gain. you should consider putting a negative value if you experience clipping problems. A common value is -6dB (ultra safe, very rare clipping) 0 is usually OK becaus the gain is almost always negative anyway. You should use the same parameters with the others plugins. If you are reading this, it means you know what you are doing anyway.

You can set the decode priority thread (default is 1, above normal) other values are: -2: Lowest, -1: Below Normal; 0: Normal; 1: Above Normal; 2 Higher You can also try -15: Idle (not recomended) or +15: Real Time (not recomended)

For more details read the txt file in the zip.
Hope it helps a few guys out there.
If any one wants the source, just e-mail me.
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