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dropping colon from filename


Sorry for my english.

The file with name teste:aa is installed as testeaa.
How I can fix this?


ICON "/opt/results/rbi/rbi_coletor/resources/windows/favicon.ico"
OutFile "/opt/results/rbi/rbi_coletor/dist/Setup_rbi_redis.exe"
;ShowInstDetails "nevershow"
BrandingText "R-BI Coletor"

InstallDir C:\Results\RBI\rbi_coletor
;RequestExecutionLevel admin

Section ""
; include for some of the windows messages defines
!include "winmessages.nsh"
; HKLM (all users) vs HKCU (current user) defines-
!define env_hklm 'HKLM "SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment"'
!define env_hkcu 'HKCU "Environment"'
; set variable for local machine
WriteRegExpandStr ${env_hklm} PENTAHO_JAVA_HOME c:\results\rbi\rbi_coletor\third_party\java-se-8u41-ri
; and current user
;WriteRegExpandStr ${env_hkcu} MYVAR MYVAL
; make sure windows knows about the change
SendMessage ${HWND_BROADCAST} ${WM_WININICHANGE} 0 "STR:Environment" /TIMEOUT=5000

CreateDirectory C:\results\rbi\rbi_coletor\jobs
SetOutPath $INSTDIR\jobs
File /r Z:\opt\results\rbi\jobs\*.*
CreateDirectory C:\results\rbi\rbi_coletor\third_party
SetOutPath $INSTDIR\third_party
# File /r Z:\opt\results\rbi\rbi_coletor\build\third_party\*.*

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