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The Nikon D50 looks pretty damn good. I love the APS-C sensor size to pixel resolution ratio. Very nice. The screen is the same size as the LCD on my point-and-shoot, so that's decent. Of course, I hate the fact that it doesn't use standard batteries.

The Evolt E-330, on the other hand... THAT'S a sexy beast. The CCD is a little small for the pixel resolution compared to the D50, but it's still way better than the ones I was looking at. The live-view 2.5" LCD is awesome. That alone might be the selling point for me. Again, though, the battery pack thing just kills me... but the Olympus models have an optional adapter that allows the use of CR123A batteries, which are actually available at some stores. I'd hate to think of how much rechargables cost, though. And then having to get a battery charger as well. Ugh. Otherwise, it's a very nice setup.
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