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The PowerShot G6 looks pretty decent, but the ISO ratings are a bit low. They're lower than the Fuji E550 that I already have, in fact. I didn't see a listing on the Canon site that specifies what size or type the CCD/CMOS is, either. The LCD on it is the same size as my E550, and it's got the same amount of optical zoom as well... 4x. The maximum shutter speed is the same, and it doesn't use standard batteries, either. So basically, the only real advantage the G6 has over my current point-and-shoot is the effective megapixel count. The G6 is 7.4Mp while my E550 has 6.3Mp. I can't justify a new camera that isn't any better than what I've already got. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

And yeah, the D50 is really nice as well. Along with it, Canon's EOS 5D, 20D, and Rebel XT are all serious considerations. I haven't really looked at the prices on those four yet, but I know they're a pretty penny... I'm almost afraid to see what the Evolt E-330 is going to cost, though. But so far, the Evolt E-330 looks like it's still the best out of the bunch for me. I'll keep comparing features and specs, though. Of course, if the E-330 turns out to cost more than my left testicle, I won't be getting it, so it's always best to have all the info I can about other options.

Yeah, the CCD in the G6 is even smaller than the one in my Fuji.
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