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I've been reading an article on about the Fuji S3 Pro. If I had about $2500 to drop on a camera, I'd probably get that... But I don't, so I won't. :P

Realistically though, I've been kinda narrowing it down a bit. I've got it down to just a few models (of course, I'll still be open to suggestions until I actually do buy a new camera ). Right now I'm looking at the Nikon D50, Canon Digital Rebel XT, and Olympus Evolt E-330. They all look like great cameras. They all have large CCD-to-Mp ratios, especially the Nikon. The Canon has the smallest LCD (1.8"), the Nikon is in the middle (2.0"), and the Olympus wins this category with the largest (2.5" with tilt and live view). The Nikon uses SD media cards, the Canon uses CF (I/II), and the Olympus wins again with its dual memory card slots (xD and CF/MD). They all use battery packs, but the Olympus has an optional adapter pack that allows the use of semi-standard CR123a batteries (that's a plus). They all have a good selection of lenses, options, and features... but so far, the Olympus still looks the best. I'm going to stick with that until I come across something better, or until someone convinces me that theirs is better.
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