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The Fuji E900 is nice, but I don't think it has much to offer that I don't already have in my E550. The only real difference between the two is that the E900 has a slightly larger CCD, but with that, the megapixel count is also higher, so I seriously doubt there would be much improvement in image quality. My E550 can take 12.3Mp pictures already (interpolated, of course), so if I just need to get a HUGE picture, I can get one with that. Fuji's CCDs are definitely good, but their HR series aren't as good as the SR series. Of course, the SR series CCDs are what you'd find in things like the S2 and S3 Pro dSLR cameras.

While I like the E900, in reality, it's just a slightly updated version of my E550. There are only a couple lenses that are available for them, and even those are just extension lenses that require an adapter ring in order to fit onto the cameras. Except for the new CCD, all the other specs are identical between the two models.

The Kodak V570 is a really unique camera, but it's just not what I'm looking for. This one doesn't have any options to mount different lenses, so you're limited to the zoom that's built in (only 3x, which is even lower than my E550). It's a very cool camera, though. If I were going to get a new point-and-shoot, that'd be pretty high on the list.
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