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Originally posted by lavaboy
Can a virus spread onto another partition if i was to download one on my windows partition? would it some how travel to 'My Music' partition?
I've had two viruses this year (both nailed by NAV before causing trouble), and both were isolated to my system volume. I guess it would depend on the virus' code...if it's made to affect all local drives whether or not they are system volumes, then yes, it could mess with your non-system stuff. I bet the majority only affect the system though, where they can cause the most damage.

Using a good A/V program can stop a virus before it hits any of your other partitions. You gotta keep your virus definitions updated, though. A new virus algorithm can walk right past even good heuristics, sometimes. I do mine manually about three times per week from Symantec because I've been paranoid lately. Automatic updates are only released each Wednesday by them. If I get hit again, I'll do it once-per-day and get a better firewall, but I think I'm OK for the moment.

Plus, I've got the best protection of all working for me...I'm no one in reason to target me. The key is: Don't p*ss off anyone with skillz. Especially someone after your music collection. The random distro's are easy enough to catch, but if you get targeted specifically, you're screwed. The only defense would then be to unplug.

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