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Originally posted by DJ Killer
I gots 9 hard drives+

Total Space: 926.31 GB
Total Available: 315 GB
Loss of Space: 2.1 GB/hr (AVG)

Symantec only updates every wednesday? wow what support... trend micro updates 10 minutes after a new virus is released (Their guarantee to their customers) haven't had a virus in 4+ years
926.31GB? I'm incredibly jealous. :::my 40GB notebook cowers in ph34r:::

Symantec does provide updates at the moment a new virus algorithm is identified, it's just that LiveUpdate's only occur each Wednesday by default. You can get updates more often if you want. I have heard that Trend Micro provides a great A/V app, though. I've also heard that Symantec is slipping a little, so I'm watching them closely. I think they're putting a lot of effort into the national programs (CERT, etc.) and might be starting to foresake their private customers somewhat, but not sure about this.

I should have said "I've never been infected with a virus". Norton A/V has caught every one before infection. The two I've seen this year were in the form of NAV pop-ups saying it had quarantined them, after which I nuked them myself, with prejudice.

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