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Part of a post originally posted by camillo
(...)2) What I mean is: do we need a more rich desciption language? So it can include other possibilities?(...)
Any suggestions? I think that while the xml should specify everything as detailed as possible, it also still should be easy to add a new instruction.

Part of a post originally posted by camillo
(...)3) I dont like very much the idea that the browser should parse itself the xsl file to format the page, bacause I think we will be limited to IExplorer6 and we should check for the browser version.(...)
You are right about the compatibility issue. I didn't mean that the ONLY way of reading the docs is by letting the bowser apply the stylesheet. I indeed meant that we also need a program to convert them to HTML, and include them both: the HTML and the XML + stylesheet.

Part of a post originally posted by camillo
(...)Instead it would be cool that the new software will parse the xsl and generate html from the xml formatted as xsl said.(...)
The program Saxon does just that. And it's open source !

Part of a post originally posted by camillo
(...)Rememeber also that additional text must be added to those xml documents to produce the final docs.(...)
Well, in my example, the extra describing text is included. For the text that can't be described, since they aren't part of an instruction (i.e. a tutorial), different elements (tags) must be invented.

Part of a post originally posted by camillo
(...)An xml parser parse the basic.but.xml for preprocessor directives; it finds a tag that tells the parser to include file "functions.xml" and format it as "functions.xsl".
The inclusion converts the file in a complete xml file.
This xml file is then rendered to html to produce output.
Do you mean that your program, or any other program, would generate functions.xml from basic.but.xml? Or are the two (functions.xml and basic.but.xml) combined to form the document. I go for the first.

Last part of a post originally posted by kichik
(...)To know if the format will fit every command you really have to go on every command and check. I would start with those who can take an infinite number of parameters such as !if. Does that format work with them?
A 'isinfinite="1"' argument could be set on the P-element (or PO or PG). Then the parser should add the [...] to the end of it.

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