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virtlink: do you have time to make an xslt schema to transalate the xml that you posted previously and compile tha xml file of all instructions?

I'll tell you the steps which I want to use make the new docs:
1) [Human step - but I will get them from halibut files] Make docs pages in pseudo-xml (pseudo because it must not have a top level tag).

2) Divide these files into Chapters and Appendixes, creating Chapter1.xml, Chapter2.xml etc.

2) [Human step] Make standalone-xml-data files (functions, instructions etc.)

3) Apply stylesheet to transform standalone-xml-data files to xml-data (for example: apply instructions.xsl to instructions.xml).

4) Include the transformed xml-data in the previously generated xml docs (Chapter1.xml, Chapter2.xml etc.).

5) Process xml docs and replace reference and links.

6) Apply formatting stylesheet to the whole project to produce html pages.

7) Add header and footer to pages with chapter index.

We should have 1 stylesheet for each data category (instructions, attributes, commands)? Or 1 for all?

Then we need another formatting xslt to translate to html, but this is simpler.

Tell me what do you think!

If anybody is interested in this, tell me!

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