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Yes, you are right:

"most of the text and descriptions now contained in 'pseudo'-xml .but.xml-files should be contained in the data files (in the \dl folder)"

I left them only to have the current situation.
When the data files will be ready, we will strip out repetitions.

What you call "source files" I prefer to call "data files", but it's ok; they are "combined" (xsl transformed and included) in 'pseudo-xml' files; the 'pseudo-xml' files contain how the data in the 'source files' is layouted (processed and xsl transformed).
BUT the first xsl-transform to source-files (i.e. instructions.xsl) contains the description of layout of "source files" in our pseudo-xml markup language. Infact to every <i> tag is added a <T2> tag to define a new paragraph.

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