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Sorry for the delay Jayn BUT, yeah, I bent over and took one for the team . Wasnt to happy about that. SO I told them how I felt, how I was under paid and then I left. I mean not for good, but the more I thought about it the more pissed I became, so I had to leave before there was a computer flying from the 25th floor window. After I cooled down in the pouring rain I came back and went straight to beer friday, one of our company "perks". Free beer on fridays after work. There, one of the head cheeses came up to me and said that he understood my point and that he had already set the wheels in motion to get my case reviewed by a committee. Committee my ass, they are the reason that I got a shitty raise and bonus in the first place, so, I just looked at him and didnt say a word. At that time one of the other people that I work with that knew my situation came up and started giving the principle shit because they had shafted me and they went off to talk about it. Later the guy came up to me again and told me not to worry that things would be taken care of and just to go have a nice weekend. That is where I told him that the more I think about it the more pissed off I get and if he can look at that paper and honestly tell me that is what I deserve than that is fine, but I will be looking for another job this weekend.
And that is where I am today....still haven't heard anything to this point. I had to go home and take my computer apart to relieve some of the stress this weekend henceforth the long delay. So i will just wait to see what else they have to offer and take it from there.
Talk about a soap opera

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