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chris: i'll have a look at it

billyvnilly: hmm, i think i may know what's causing that (taken as the fixes in build 5 for the external enqueue handling)

Logy: it's far from stable enough to be in a 5.093 (well when i say far from it, there's still a few areas in build 5 that need fixing before i'd be happy to make it an official build). as for the 5.1 inclusion, some form of these builds will appear in it (hence the need for people to test things as much as possible )

Hagen: (it took me a few reads to follow what you meant) so it's displaying the files in jtf list how they are in the playlist you want?

the 'allow move after current to move files as a list' is a badly named option i will admit. the purpose of it is that when using move after current in the playlist, if you do it on multiple files in one go then it will add them consecutively after each other.

re-reading your post again, you say you want to listen to a full album... if you have a playlist of that album then you can just load it into the queue (which saves messing around with the current playlist order ). i think i may even add in some option to automatically load an album's playlist into the queue based on file just attempted to be queued into the playlist (and gives me a good reason to update the right-click menu code)

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