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it took me a few reads to follow what you meant
I admit my request was confusing so thank you for reading it!
it's displaying the files in jtf list how they are in the playlist you want?
Not really, I prefer to be able to select all the songs from one album.
which saves messing around with the current playlist order
I do want to modify the current playlist order (without modifying the total number of tracks), but I don't want to have to jump from the file that is in 365th position to the one that is in 4300th and so on, even if thus I can listen to a whole album in the correct order (maybe that does not make sense).
To summarize, I really like the 'move after current' button combined to the 'allow move after current to move files as a list' setting. I just think that it would be great if you could select more than one track before pressing the 'move after current' button.
Hope it is more clear now and thank you again!
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