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Originally posted by Hagen
To summarize, I really like the 'move after current' button combined to the 'allow move after current to move files as a list' setting. I just think that it would be great if you could select more than one track before pressing the 'move after current' button.
Hope it is more clear now and thank you again!
ah, i see what you mean now i did try and implement this a while back but found that the main issue was how to ensure the mode would remain consistant since it's possible to keep adding files to the list but then it was how to make sure it wouldn't keep doing it as needed... so i need to see how best to implement something like this since i could do it as a modded option of the normal move after current (say ctrl+m) or make it the default action and then the normal action becomes ctrl+m for example or when the user moves to another window themselves would then reset the internal list position back to just after the current song. so as you can see it's a tricky one to try and determine how best to implement it


this is one for siebe but i implemented in last night the ability to view the entries in the jtf list as they are in the playlist's order (realised how to do it after working on gen_nunzio )

i've decided to push back a build 6 for a few days now whilst i add in a load of new features and update a few more of the internal workings to make these changes work so hopefully there will be something new around the start of next week

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