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gah, i'm behind schedule on build #6

basically i've spent the last 2 and a bit days straight where i can trying to sort out the gen_jfix patch which i will say was a learning curve to translate from c-- to c but it's done at last (with a bit of useful help from benski ).

i need to finish this since due to a compiler change with the winamp builds the hooking i do means i have to access the search string directly instead of winamp getting it and then passing it.

due to this, build #6 will be out tomorrow instead and basic scheduler features are now pushed to build #7. i just need to fix a few 'quirks' with the search (which Winamp exhibits as well where by if you do say a search with '#' then it returns matching entries for that but also other unrelated entries as well (i intend to alter the search handling so that if these non-alhpabetical characters appear then returned results will only include the real matches... )

[edit @ 08:00 BST]
just realised that all of the results that come back under a '#' search i was trying are due to the playlist entries containing that character, heh... so ignore my last few comments then (will teach me to post complicated things so late at night, doh!

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