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Re: Send to sub-menu for ML Playlists

Originally posted by Koopatrooper
I have many media library playlists, and it's annoying when you must scroll to use the other send to features.

If you have just a few playlists it's ok, but if you've many playlists in the send to menu, it isn't usable without the submenu.

This is a fact, I guess most people like the new submenu.
Ditto Koopatrooper. I have many ML Playlists, and thus like having the sub-menu.

But correct me if I'm wrong, the ability to avoid having ALL the ML Playlists in the "Send to" menu has been there for a few releases. Only it wasn't a true sub-menu before, but rather a drop-down. Anyway, the option in Preferences controlled this behavior. An option I now notice seems to do nothing. Is this option supposed to do something? If not, can it be removed?
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