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Originally posted by franpa
-Winamp 5.57 - clean install

-Winamp Language Pack used (if any)

-System specs (mobo, cpu, ram)
C2DUO:e6750@2.66GHZ|ASUS P5KC mb|2g DDR2 800RAM|500g SATA2 HDD|||Thermaltake 750watt Toughpower Power Supply|Thermaltake Armor+ MX case

-Windows OS, including Service Packs & Locale
Windows 7 RTM x64

-Video Card, Video Card Drivers version
NvidiaGeforce 8800gt 512MB PCI-E

-Sound Card, Sound Card Drivers version
Creative X-FI ExtremeMusic (latest Danial_K drivers/software)

-DirectX version (start > run > dxdiag)
Direct X 11 (latest redistributable as of last week)

-Detailed step-by-step method of reproduction (eg. numbered list)
1a) use the "Classic" interface theme.
1b) set Winamp.exe to launch with admin privileges in the compatibility tab of it's properties.

2) open Winamp

3) right-click "main window" and choose "Options" then "preferences".

4) choose the "modern skins" item in the left frame.

5) click the x (close button) for the preferences window and then the winamp window (closing winamp entirely)

It should crash (it does for me).

edit: it remembers the last item in the left frame of the preferences you were on so after doing it once you can skip steps 1 and 4.
Update (5.57 & 5.571 fresh installs), Installing with Moder Skins support renders VGMStream and MGME input plugins not initializing, reinstalling without Moder Skins support results in the 2 mentioned plugins working fine and dandy.
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