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playlist and video window issue

1. make sure you're using the winamp classic skin and that the playlist window (alt+e) and video windows (alt+v) are opened; optionally, you can open the main, the equalizer, the library windows; make sure no other program can interfere with the focus of the active window
2. close winamp, then open it (no playing is required)
3. winamp starts with focus on the video window; do not change the current focus; just click the video window title bar and drag it over all other opened winamp windows
4. the video window will pass over all opened winamp windows, except the playlist window, which will display an "always on top" behavior; the playlist window will always be in front of the video window, while you are dragging the video window
5. this behavior ends after you change the focus to another winamp window (by clicking inside one) or to another program and then refocus on winamp
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