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I've switched from Winamp... on the desktop

I know I'm gonna get some hate from this post but I feel it must be mentioned here. I'm a long time Winamp user, about 11 years now. Let me say that for the first time I've switched players, and not surprisingly it's quite a popular one.

Allow me to elaborate on why I switched over and why I think this is something the Winamp team should really consider.

Foremost, the buggy integration with my mobile device and the issues with wifi sync is a deal breaker for me. Yes for years I've been living with mounting to USB but with smartphones there really shouldn't be a reason not to use Wifi over a USB mount, which renders your SD card apps unusable till the SD is unmounted.

Response time has dragged on for too long. I jumped the Winamp wagon back with version 2.x and the reason I loved it then and kept it over the years was its low memory footprint and snappy response times, but upon loading several alternative players recently, not only has Winamp become rather bloated but over time the launch time just takes too long. I should add I'm running a 4GB, dual-core computer. Not quite the kind of hardware for Winamp to clock in at 7 seconds till it appears on screen. It isn't overloaded with plugins either.

No sign of any new development venture. I try to stay as active as I can in a community when I know it's a great product, and Winamp is still a fantastic player. But is there a vision for innovation in what a future Winamp Media Player will be like?

I'm aware many of you enjoy Winamp as it is, and I've had my share of moments asking why in the world we had to see Winamp 3 see the light of day, but at least it's the kind of innovation that led to Winamp 5, and that was the best of them all (outside of 2.xx, sorry

Truth is as software becomes more lean, as integration with the cloud becomes the norm, where will Winamp be? I would pay for a type of Winamp cloud service if it means accessing my tunes from anywhere, or maybe I could just make my player as slim as possible but then the Wifi sync doesn't always work. It just seems to me there's a hole being left unpatched here.

Though I admit despite these issues on Winamp for Windows, the android version meets my needs for a mobile player quite nicely. Thank you!

I'd love to hear any reasonable and cordial comments, please. I'm not looking for fanboi trolls.

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