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Hi SilverBird775,

I've been thinking about this and I think it's partly my system configuration and partly me confusing Maiko.

I have multiple sound devices. When I first installed Maiko, it chose the "Default device" instead of my sound card. I don't known if WA considers my sound card as the default device, but it is setup that way in Windows' sound control panel.

Anyway, I had the crash when trying to tell Maiko to use my sound card (due to the bug that interferes with changing the output device while playing). Restarting, WA was now set to use Maiko as the output plug-in and entering Maiko's configuration dialog to setup my sound card no song was playing, so the mixer was seeing zero input.

Then I closed Maiko's configuration dialog (before starting a song) and I think the first bin file was created with the default 5.1 output (0 input - 5.1 output). Then I started a song and reopened the configuration dialog to setup the mixer matrix and the second bin file was created (stereo input - 5.1 output).

I can't figure why Maiko would not use the custom matrix values after a WA restart. After several tries, I figure the bin was corrupted and produced the stereo configuration described before.

But somehow, switching away from Maiko as the ouput plug-in during WA startup (after it was setup for my sound card), and switching back to it after startup while a song was playing, allowed Maiko's mixer to finally determine the last play event's true input and output characteristics consistent with how it was installed.

Does any of that make any sense?

I know MM and Maiko don't affect each other. I should have said switching between the Nullsoft DirectSound output plug-in and Maiko. MM is just used as a front-end for the DS on my system.

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