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Hey, Just found this nice Output plugin.
Thanks for this great piece of software.
Sounds really nice here now .

but I've got a Question:
my Hardware is as follows:

System: Windows 7 64bit
CPU: AMD Phenom II 965 Black Edition
Soundcard: Creative X-fi Titanium (PCI-Express)
Speakers: 5.1 Teulel Concept E Magnum
Connected analog Cinch to 3,5mm to the Soundcard.

Soundcard Software Configuration:
- 24bit processing
- CMSS3D (upmixing function for Stereo Sources from Creative)

I'm not sure which Output plugin I should use
(best quality / Hardware Acceleration)

I Tested:
- (ASIO)
- Winamp Directsound

- Directsound sounds awful compared to the other ones.
- The WASAPI sounds really nice, but has some clicking noise when changing a song
(the Buffer is set to 0 means auto if i manually increase the value, you have a time shift
between Press Button for Next Track, and the Real Action.)
- The ASIO sounds really nice too, to be honest I can't here a Real difference to WASAPI,
but it feels like ASIO sounds a little bit clearer. no Time Shift, nor clicking
noise, but I don't like to have Winamp as the only output, as I
used to run Winamp while I Play Games.
(maybe there is something like the Shared Mode in WASAPI for ASIO)?

so under this circumstances is it the Best choice to use the WASAPI output, and
live with the clicking noise or what kind of setting would you choose?

Thanks and kind regards
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