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Originally Posted by baunegaard View Post
But now i have a new problem:
The mixer settings does not seem to save when i close winamp. Everytime i start winamp the mixer is set to 'Automate' even though i disabled it last time i used winamp.

Until this is fixed, the way I get mixer changes to be saved is to switch to another output plug-in and shutdown WA. Restart WA, start a song playing, then switch to the Maiko output plugin and make the changes to the mixer matrix. Now when you shutdown and restart WA, the new mixer settings should be retained.

If this does not work for you with version 0.47 downloaded from SilverBird775's website, try the test version of 0.47 SilverBird775 made. See post #272 on page 7 of this thread for the link to this test version.

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