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Thanks for your answers.

It also seems that Audigy 2 ZS can only play back 24/48 in true bit-copy. If I set Maiko to resample to 96 kHz, the udial test fails. I confirmed this also in a DAW called Mixcraft, when you select WaveRT as interface only 48 kHz is available. My guess is that Creative's sloppy WASAPI implementation is to blame.
So for the time being I've opted for 24/48 as output, I think this is the best choice for this sound card, at least with WASAPI.

Edit: Also, another funny thing. I experimented with Maiko and the DirectSound plugin using 16/44.1 source. If I set shared mode setting to 24/96, with DirectSound it passes the udial test, but with Maiko shared mode it does not. Why is this? If Maiko is set to Shared mode, is not the Windows resampler used instead of Maiko?
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