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Winamp Tag Editor not reading ID3v1 genre tag correctly

I use the Winamp tag editor (Alt+3) to read and write ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags for my files. I mostly use v2 tags, but I need v1 tags to support an old mp3 player I still use.

Anyway, the editor's Basic Info tab displays the ID3v2 tag info from the file as shown on the ID3v2 tab, but the ID3v1 tab's genre tag does not display the genre tag data from the file. Instead it displays whatever that tag was last set to in the tag editor.

Making a tag change on the Basic Info tab or just clicking OK (without checking the ID3v1 tab entries) will rewrite the file with whatever was set for genre on the ID3v1 tag for the ID3v1 tags, causing this tag to potentially have the wrong value.

I'm aware that the ID3v1 and ID3v2 genre codes do not match, so making a ID3v2 genre change requires making a matching ID3v1 genre change. But it should not be required to check the ID3v1 genre when making a non-genre tab change.

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