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that's not the point I was trying to make, the other thread was not related b/c of 3rd party codecs. it was about yet another genre issue, (3 so far) which is why I posted it.

the point about 3rd party codecs, which I wasn't saying def was (or wasn't) related to this threads bug, was actually a reference to the ratings display issue, which showed that a user could have unique results without being aware of it. the more people who test the same way, the more likely you are to find if something like 3rd party codecs are to blame, (if that ends up being the case).

I don't care at all about v1 tags personally, but if any time by devs or anyone is to be spent looking at anything buggy, I believe in doing it as methodically as the best information one has allows. I guess that's a radical pov.

and actually, even though I don't care about v1 itself, I frequently learn aspects that improve my overall understanding and bug spotting abilities by going down these rabbit holes.

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