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FYI if you take the time and use Google you may see some light as far as Shoutcast and their fate. Turns out there is a deal in progress so we may be safe after all.

Now a lesson about Album Rock stations. Why do you think you dont hear album Rock stations on your Radio Today? Ratings. Its all about the Dollar. You wont ever get 3K listeners on a Album Rock ((Progressive Rock) station. No matter what you do or where you post. Most people from 18_30 dont even know nor care what Album Rock (progressive Rock) is. Why because since 1984 things changed and the Music industry wanted to sell what they wanted not what the Adults wanted at that time. So now kids grew up with the lack of musical knowledge in other words if it aint boom boom base or screaming speed Metal they are not happy. My station is Not for that so of corse you dont see me number 1 in ratings.

I also go out and meet people not sit in front of my computer and expect my Radio station to suddenly have 900 listeners. When I see an Album Rocker I tell them about The Legacy and how tp tune in. I even show them how to listen in their car with an FM wireless Transmitter imagine that and some buy the Smartphone and wireless Transmitter just to listen. Meeting and being in contact with Real people IS How you get Listeners that stick around this I have always knew. If I were fully sighted I would have even more listeners.

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