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Its simple. if say Radionomy took over we may not even have to be licensed to broadcast on Shoutcast just like the days when Live365 was FREE, Plus it would be a huge success for the already dying RIAA AND their ilk for they will make money from the royalties paid by Radionomy. More people may come on board for they don't have to worry about huge licensing costs when their ATH rises. Advertisers will see a way to make money from Internet Radio operators in a mass scale and I am sure Radionomy would make it easier to broadcast with software like NextKast, Stationplaylist, SAM, ect. Since they would own Shoutcast the burden would be upon them and not you the hobby broadcasters. It could turn the tables on all of this notion that you can't profit from Internet Radio (but Radionomy would have to make some repairs to their system).

The Bad: Progressive Rock (Album Rock) stations like The Legacy could not really survive on Radionomy (unless they live the minutes per track rule). Songs like Supper's Ready from Genesis for example are longer than 15 minutes. I'm sure Radionomy may change this a bit if this really were to take place.

Till we get an official word all if this is speculation so I'd really like to get some real official word on this.

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