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Maybe I'm missing something but maybe its just me. If Radionomy wants to take over Winamp (which is an Mp3 player and can broadcast to Shoutcast with DSP) than why not also try and bid for Shoutcast? This way they could change things around and inject the ads to pay for Royalties? This way they could scrap their platform and go with any AutoDj system that actually works. Even if they had to use (cough cough) Centovacast or better yet they could try and work out a package deal with something more reliable such as Shoutcast Automation or LiveWebDJ for an easy switch from AutoDJ to Live and vise-verse. It makes sense that they want to try Winamp first as everyone should be able to fire up the player and press the Encode button on the DSP. And yes it would keep the window open for new broadcast software down the road as needed when Radionomy makes changes to their system.

My best educated guess is they would try and take both not just one.

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