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So... what if the DNS servers HAD changed to something else? What would that mean?!?!

It would mean that different DNS servers now hosted the zone files for that domain. That is what that would mean.

Now... what if the REGISTRY information at the top of your whois output had changed... this part:

Registrant Name: AOL Inc.
Registrant Organization: AOL Inc.
Registrant Street: 22000 AOL Way
Registrant City: Dulles
Registrant State/Province: VA
Registrant Postal Code: 20166

Woot!!! Now you know something. You know the domain ownership had changed and AOL was no longer ultimately in control of the domain name!

You still wouldn't know about the trademarks, the source code, the logos, any transferable contracts, any transferable customer information, and any other intellectual and real property. For public consumption to know about that kind of stuff... you'd be looking for an official announcement from both parties, likely in the form of a press release on a wire service(s)... or the BUYER proclaiming it and the SELLER not denying it at least.

If you had a right and needed to some way to verify the transfer, you'd want to see a bill of sale as well... though that would likely not be publicly circulated.

Anyway, what if DNS servers had changed to NS*.ULTRADNS.COM ... you wouldn't immediately assume Neustar suddenly owned Winamp. DNS servers are technical infrastructure of the Internet and they do not proclaim ownership... just that those servers are hosting the DNS zone files for that moment in time.

Anyway... I don't deny that there is evidence pointing to something happening with Radionomy... Just that it does NOT PROVE anything as FACT beyond the DNS zones are being hosted by different servers.
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