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Originally Posted by jfmauguit View Post
I would say he isn't :-)
It appears that Radionomy's CTO Jef Mauguit ( has joined us on the forums! Welcome sir. I see that you have God-like powers here now. Would you care to provide us any update on the situation at hand? Or are all of the rumors and keeping us in suspense like gold. All of geek presses just can't seem to get their story straight.

I've noticed that our previous Winamp officials haven't posted in the past few weeks. Would you care to comment on this?

In addition, I will occasionally see a client connect to my SC servers identifying itself as an Icecast server which originates to Europe. When I reverse DNS, it comes out to be like (or something similar). This thing stays connected for hours. Could you tell me what exactly is happening? Are you all relaying my stream to other listeners?

Also, I would implore you to not try and change the core of what Winamp and SC (should this be acquired) have become. They represent small and medium sized broadcasters from around the world. The technology enables those that do not have a voice to finally have one...even those that are not technical! While Winamp has evolved over the years, it's core is still the same. This is why so many of us continue to use it over the years. Please do not try to change it into another 3rd party lookalike that doesn't stand out. We have enough bulky mp3 players that you can skin and take up to much memory out there. We don't need another lookalike that tries to take market share...we need to carve a large niche.

Finally, I hope that freedom of expression continues to be possible on these forums. Many of us have long been critics of AOL and yet our comments still stand for all of these years. I hope that you will continue to allow both praise and criticism on these forums. Please continue to let this community thrive and grow. Please keep the archives available. And please take our feedback seriously.

That is all.

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