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I see, my thread has been picked up again...

The man, whom I knew, was very patriarchal, although I did not recognize it at the beginning. Also a friend of my female music teacher was very patriarchal, and also the father of a girl, whom I knew. But also her grandmother was very patriarchal. I want to say, that not only many men are very patriarchal, also many women. On 24th December 1981 her younger brother got a walkman as a gift from the parents, but she herself didn't get a walkman, because she was a girl. 3 years later, when she was an adult, she bought an own walkman. Her grandmother was of opinion that she should finally marry a man, but she wanted to study first.

Patriarchalic people are thinking, that the father should go to the work and earn the money, and that he can be very creative, if he is at home after the work. The mother has to bear children and she has to educate them, she has to buy food, she has to cook and she has to clean the house, but she isn't allowed to be creative. In the beginning of the 20th Century this thinking was widespread in Germany. Until the Eighties the families had enough incomes, if only the fathers had a job, in the times of today also the mothers have to work, but mostly they don't get a job. A rethinking has already taken place, and also women repair computers in service shops etc.

In many countries women do not have the same rights as men, the forced marriages still exist, and many women are forced by their parents to marry a man, whom they don't love, while they are still teenagers. A married woman is never allowed to leave the house. The women are often raped and beaten by their husbands. In Germany and other countries rapes and ill-treatments are a crime.

In Berlin many Turkish, Kurdish, Iranian, Arab people are living, some of them are devout, but fortunately not all. The women and girls in the devout families must wear headscarves, and football is prohibited for women and girls. A girl was forced to move from Berlin to Turkey as a teenager and she was forced to marry a cousin. The marriage had not harmonized, the young woman returned to Berlin, she gave birth to a son, she became independent and moved into an own leased apartment. And she weared no headscarf anymore. With her own decisions she had brought shame on their family. When she was at a bus stop near her apartment, she was shot by one of her brothers.ürücü
Hatun Sürücü is dead, but since her death a major rethinking took place in many Muslim families, although some other Muslim families became more extreme.

Because the economy has become worse in Germany, our live isn't very nice anymore, but Frank and I should be glad, that we didn't have been born in a country, where arrests, torture and executions still exist...

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