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When I start seeing women coming home in reasonably proportional equal numbers of body bags to that of men with respect to the current gender ratio of the entire country in which conscription is instituted, then you can talk about equality and your "rights" and your gender "problems."

As of right now in the United States of America, men have no legal method to defend themselves from the very near-future probable majority vote of the women who vote for politicians that send men, and only men (Selective Service) to their deaths in foreign lands. This can only be fixed in one of two ways:
  1. Either strip females voting privileges to protect men from politicians that women vote for knowing they won't have to die themselves because of that vote (ha, we both know that will never happen.)
  2. Or start forcing military conscription (The Draft/Selective Service Registration/Or whatever other politically correct euphemism you want to call it) on women as well, true equality, not this Feminist hyperbolic double standard bullshit that everybody's been brainwashed into believing.,4397492

I would also like to see how you would redress the fact that the male suicide rate in modern western countries (where not-so-coincidentally, the man-hating ideology of Feminism still runs systemic) is FOUR TIMES higher than that of women. Not four percent, FOUR TIMES, or 400%! Did you even know that? I bet you didn't.
And that's just from 2010. It's only getting worse for men, not better.

I wonder if you knew that men are now lagging women in college enrollment and graduation? Did you know that little fact? Mr. Google is your friend...

And don't even get me started on the entire all-men-are-rapists diatribe from Feminists.

I ask you, based on these FACTS, who's the "oppressor" and who is the "oppressed", hmm?

Oh wait, are you talking about first world problems or third world problems? 2nd world? Apex fallacy at it's finest.

Everything you think you know, everything you think is fact, it's all bullshit, all of it.

I know what women want. I damn well know what women want. I can see it with my own eyes and I can hear it with my own ears. It's MONEY! It's easy to see once you take off the rose-colored glasses and really look at them and their motivations. It's even easier to tell when you look at the divorce and marriage rates and when the man's money runs out.

Now, you can call me a sexist or a misogynist until you're blue in the face, but until these facts change, I won't.


A pissed off "misogynist" ...
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