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Frank and I never had a working stove with oven, which is ok, not in the first 1-room-apartment in Berlin-Kreuzberg and not in both 2-room-apartments in Berlin-Neuk├Âlln, the previous one and the current one. That's the reason, why we buy the cakes & cookies. We can still cook, but we cannot bake something.

But I think, You Yourselves can bake cakes & cookies, for example also gingerbread. The gingerbread figures, gingerbread hearts, gingerbread stars, gingerbread animals etc. are well-known.

What's about a special gingerbread animal or geometric figures etc.? You can bake each gingerbread figure in each size. And also frostings would be very good, for example in White & Yellow, with borders in Brown (as replacement color, I don't know, if there are also frostings in Black possible). Red & Green could be used as text on other cakes & cookies...

Oh, if You have baked them, please post Your photos here. It can be also a Marzipan Cake with White & Yellow etc...

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