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Originally Posted by iomegajaz View Post
We'll stick with 7 for the foreseeable future.
I just don't see enough reason to move away from 7. I have 7 Ultimate x64 running, but with the taskbar looking like Vista (I like that setup with quick launch and separate non-grouped open window buttons).

I still haven't seen a must-have feature of Windows 10, at least none that I don't already have in 7. I don't want to lose some things such as XP mode, Media Center with the TV card, gadgets, and the 3D GUI. I hate solid colors without any 3D look; it's just hard on the eyes. We live in a 3D world, and it gives me a headache to see what has become of Microsoft programs. I even had to roll back MS Office because I don't have a way of skinning the new version to make it darker and 3D. I just can't work with that 2D solid color shit. The start menu is still plagued with the cancer-tumor looking tiles that do nothing for productivity, while still not having the list of stuff I use most often on the right side of 7's start menu. No pinning of frequently used programs on the left... Why must we regress instead of moving forward?

It's a shitload of privacy invading data-collection and bombardment of advertisements and offers trying to bleed the user of money. No more ownership, just subscriptions, cloud storage, and recurring expenses. Microsoft has discovered that you get more blood by bleeding slowly than just killing and getting a one time spill. When it comes to collecting more and more data to target you as a buyer in more and more ways, Microsoft used to bash Google publicly with lots of videos and satire skits for what Microsoft itself is now doing. Fucking hypocrites. Want what used to be included as instant working software? Download it separately, sit through a long annoying advertisement first at each launch, then wait for an aggravating splash screen. By the time you're ready to use the program, you've already damaged your computer with a temper tantrum.

I'm also very angry at Microsoft for deciding to install a damn-hard-to-remove nag program designed to promote Windows 10. You have to go into the registry to get rid of it, and eventually it comes back anyway. To me that is incredibly low, and yet it seems to be working for the vast majority of eligible users. I don't know who to be more mad at. Microsoft for doing it, or users for rewarding it.

There is so much more too that would make this post far too long.

Long story short, I just don't like it, and 7 works for me. This whole 10 thing is just wrong and unethical on too many levels.


Originally Posted by iomegajaz View Post
We'll stick with 7 for the foreseeable future.

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