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After the support for XP had ended in 2014, the support for Vista will end in 2017 and for Win7 in 2020.

I think, the artists want to stay on Win7 as long as they can, because they had problems with Windows 8 / 8.1 in the past.

I remember, that somebody got very angry, because many expensive software was not compatible with Windows Versions after XP anymore. I myself have experienced that 2 days ago, when I wanted to install the driver for the Lexmark Printer on Vista. It was not possible, and today I had to print the letter in the meeting-point. With XP the printer had worked, but also the second XP computer had died in 2015.

With Windows 10 I want to wait, until also Win7 will not be supported anymore. I just hope, that I can run the Desktop Wallpaper Slideshow also on Windows 10, which works already since Win7, together with Winamp, all the plugins & skins and the Milkdrop Visualizer...

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