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I have had 2 emails into shoutcast about this. They said it is a synchronization issue with metadata for shoutcast to radionomy. They said hopefully it would be fixed in 10 days 11 days ago. Followed up yesterday on it and got a response that said they are working on migrating their premium infrastructure and it would not be fixed until after that. It really sucks because it has been this way for over a month and we are building a local station and trying to grow and our listeners can't even see who they are listening to unless you happen to be using an iphone through the All Radio for Shoutcast app. You would think with a radio station company the "who is playing" would have a fairly high priority on the list of things that need to get fixed but I guess not. I also don't want to tick off the Artists who's music are on our station by not being able to properly give them credit for their content. I have been very patient and understanding but for a growing brand and station this could really hurt us in the longrun.
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