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Skin Consortium Classic skins (fixed ranking)

Thank you for your comment. It made me recheck the download numbers at Skin Consortium and, to my regret, I found that I gave the number of page views instead of downloads for IroniseSC. So here is the fixed ranking:
  1. FusionAmp WA-2 (2009): 10,397 downloads
    Download latest version from Wildrose-Wally’s
  2. IroniseSC (2007): 3,502 downloads
    A color variant of Ironise: [1001 Skins] – [DeviantArt] – [Nullsoft]
The download numbers of FusionAmp WA-2 were checked on September 7, 2017 when the downloads were already broken but the skin pages were still accessible. The download numbers of IroniseSC were recovered from

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