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Originally Posted by Victhor View Post

Wow, wow, cowboy, please calm your horses!
I appreciate, as always, your help and suggestions but this time it is waaaaay to much at a time. And since I am not interested in "Copy & Paste" methods I would like to propose to make it "peu à peu" as Frenchmen say.

Why do we not start at the top and check the command playFile(); again, which would allow me to add bookmarks button without pldir.mi library file.

Please do the following:
1) put a mp3 file on your desktop
2) add the following to the buttonGo1.onLeftClick() line: playFile("C:\Users\...\Desktop\...mp3")
3) play a different file, open the Track Bookmarks window and hit GO1 button

And please answer my question: does Winamp play the mp3 file?
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